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A Great Grooming Experience Will Keep Your Dog Happy!

Showers, nail appointments and hair cuts are just some of the things men and women do to enhance their lives. This is because people value appearances and hygiene health. The same should be true about pets, right? They greet owners the door and comfort people daily....

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Dog Adoption Is Not a Difficult Process

Adopting a dog not only brings joy to the adoptive family, but also gives a dog the chance to have a forever home. Adoption can seem daunting to those who aren't experienced with the process, but in most situations adopting a dog is fairly simple. The steps to...

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Do You Know What Goes Into Your Dog’s Food?

As humans demand to know what goes into the food they eat, so do they demand to know what goes into the food their four-legged children -- their dogs -- eat. Dogs are carnivores but, unlike cats, they’re not obligate carnivores. A dog owner shouldn’t be too worried...

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Make Sure Your Dog is Trained Right

Dog training is important for a variety of reasons: it strengthens the bond between you and your companion, it provides mental stimulation for the dog, it can provide physical stimulation as well, and it makes your dog safer to be around people and other dogs. Dogs...

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