Each year, thousands of people visit animal shelters looking for a new pet. Shelters are a low-cost option for finding a pet. They provide a second chance for many animals who needed help finding a home. Shelters have many purebred animals available. They have mixed breed animals. They offer animals that have lived in a family household and those that need experienced care and effort. Shelter personnel are hard-working individuals who are committed to the successful adoption of the animals they have in their care. Shelters offer incredible opportunities for animals who need a home, and they do more than that as well.

Adoptions. Shelters exist to adopt animals out to families or individuals who want an animal companion. These adoptions can take time and careful thought. Shelter workers will help visitors understand the forms that need to be filled out. They will give a visitor time to get to know an animal. They will explain what services the adoption fees cover. They may also provide support following the adoption, especially if this is the first pet a person has owned. Rescue personnel have turned to shelters for dogs they can train in search and rescue, and police forces have found new K-9 officers at shelters. Millions of cats, dogs, and other animals find new homes each year because of dedicated shelters.