Few things can bring joy into your life like buying or adopting a puppy. Puppies are pure bundles of energy and affection, and they’ll grow up to be faithful companions of yours for the next decade plus. If you love dogs but don’t have one, chances are that buying a puppy could change your life for the better in a big way. But in order to own a puppy, you’ve got to make sure you’re able to provide the right kind of environment. If not, you risk creating a situation where your puppy is unhappy and you’re stressed out by the added demands on your life. Make sure that you’re ready to adopt or buy a puppy before doing so.

Buying for a family. If you’ve got a family including children, ask yourself first if your children are ready for a puppy. A childhood pet can be the foundation for so many happy memories in a child. But a puppy can potentially be a hazard for babies or very young children. It’s worth remembering that puppies are usually very energetic, and if they’re a larger breed of dog can jostle, bump, scratch or bite young children. Even if they don’t mean to harm them, babies and infants are fragile and easy to injure. If you’re not sure whether your young children are ready for a puppy, there’s no harm in waiting an extra year or so.