Owning a dog is a right of passage that many look forward to. Oftentimes, there is an obstacle that stops one from getting their best friend, whether that be budgeting, a bad living situation or simply just poor timing. Yet even if everything has lined up, allergies can get in the way. Many potential dog owners with these sensitivities give up, but that is not the only available solution. With hypoallergenic breeds, there are a number of dogs that one can choose from. These dogs don’t trigger the allergies that are so easily triggered by other breeds. This will make life easier without missing out on the joys of dog ownership.

Dog allergies. Dogs are among one of the top pets when it comes to having a furry companion. Surveys have found that 36 percent of homes in the United States have a dog. This might seem like a low percentage, but consider putting that into perspective. That is more than 43,000,000 homes. Also, that doesn’t mean that they only have one dog! Many have multiple dogs. With a high percentage of dogs out and about, those with pet allergies can find daily interactions troublesome and frustrating.