The decision to board your dog is not one to take lightly. As an important part of your family, you want to ensure that your dog is happy. Choosing the right facility from the start is a good way to avoid problems and keep your dog content while they are in boarding. If you check out the boarding location first and learn everything you can about their procedures, you will have a better chance of your dog enjoying their experience while they are in boarding. There are five things you can do to help ensure a more positive experience.

Kennel tours. If you want to have the best idea of what staying in the facility will be like for your dog, request a kennel tour. You’ll be able to get a first-hand look at where your pooch will eat, sleep and exercise. A tour is also a good way to see how content dogs appear to be at the facility, as well as evaluate the staff’s professionalism. A boarding facility that is committed to quality will have no objections to letting owners tour the facilities to see what is going on. In fact, they should encourage potential clients to tour the facility. Bring your dog. You can see how they react to the location as well.