Dog training is important for a variety of reasons: it strengthens the bond between you and your companion, it provides mental stimulation for the dog, it can provide physical stimulation as well, and it makes your dog safer to be around people and other dogs. Dogs are social animals and need to know the rules of their human packs. Proper training will ensure that these rules are known and a happy life can be shared between canines and handlers. Positive reinforcement training is the vastly preferred modern method of training. You simply guide the dog to the desired behavior or wait for a behavior to occur, and then reward that behavior while implementing a command.

Walk training. Good walk training, or leash training, begins with focusing the dog’s attention on you. All while introducing the collar and leash, keep things upbeat and positive and centered on you. After the collar or harness has had a chance to become familiar to the dog, give a cue for the dog to come to you. In these first stages, start inside and with minimal distractions. Reward the dog for coming, and keep luring him to you as you move away. If he moves in the opposite direction, stand firm. You only reward with motion when the dog is traveling in the desired direction. As practice continues, slowly build up distractions until you are outside.